Solomon on Sex

CrossWinds Church meets Sundays - 8:15 and 11:00 a.m.

Sex and marriage are a big part of our identity.  God made us sexual beings with a burning desire to express ourselves and intimately connect. Unfortunately, for many of us, those desires are burning out of control. Welcome to the Solomon on Sex web site. My name is Kurt and I am the senior pastor of CrossWinds Church in Spirit Lake, IA.   

The average person has his or her first sexual experience at age 16.  For sexually active teenage girls, they have higher rates of alcohol abuse, drug use, eating disorders, depression and suicide.  Teen pregnancy is common.  One-third of all children are aborted.  Of the children not aborted, one-third are born out of wedlock.  

Pornography is a $60 billion a year business with $12 billion spent by Americans.  That is more than our country spends on pro-baseball, basketball and football… combined.  More money is spent by Americans on pornography than the combined revenues of ABC, NBC and CBS.  The number one consumer of pornography is teenage boys age 12 to 17.  Today 10% of Americans admit to being addicted to online pornography.  

Because sex is spinning out of control, many in the church portray our sexuality as an evil to be tamed.  On Sunday mornings, you hear more against sex than for it. Rarely has the church viewed sex in a positive light.  Contrary to what many of us have learned, a rich, passionate sex life is something God desires us to enjoy. We bring him glory when we enjoy sexuality within marriage.

Wouldn't it be great if God gave us an instruction manual on how to enjoy a rich and fulfilling sex life all to God's glory?   It turns out he has. The
Song of Solomon, a frequently neglected Old Testament book, speaks with a candor that would make many of us blush, about love, sex and marriage.

January through March of 2012, I am teaching through this book at CrossWinds Church.  I promise you, this series will not be a collection of cheap platitudes. The Song of Solomon, talks frankly about marriage, sex and intimacy in a way we all need to hear.

This web site features these teachings from the
Song of Solomon. I invite you to explore the site to read the answers to the questions you submitted on sex, love and marriage.

If your marriage is not everything you wish for, I invite you to join us.  I know God will breath fresh air into your marriage through this book.

Because of God's mercy through Christ,

Pastor Kurt